A Short But Interesting Look at Urgent Message: A Vignette

I wanted to share some examples of small VFX touches used in Urgent Message: A Vignette. First, the video itself:

The wide shot of the room needed to feel flat in order to feel similar to the storybook styles of Wes Anderson. I corrected the perspective of the different elements in the room to give the "straight-on" feeling of perspective after shooting the scene slightly to the left of center to frame the shot correctly.

The "out-the-window" shot was filmed from a different room in the house and originally had a complete view of the exterior before the zoom. To help tie the shot in with the rest of the sequence, I took the wall frame from the wide shot of the room and placed it into the window shot. 

Those were the only shots in the spot that needed any VFX love! This was a fun little video to make, hope people enjoy it.