A Calmer Friday

Every once in a while you get a feeling that the world is clear, fresh, and beautiful. Sometimes a story does it, sometimes a person, sometimes a song, but from wherever you receive it, it is revitalizing, a crisp drink of water. I was lucky enough to feel it twice in twenty-four hours. With hairs standing on end and wind in my hair, I welcome that bright tomorrow.

Also, the film, now called Thieves at Last, was shown for the first time today. It went well :) it will be a little while before I'm done with final tweaks to show it on the internet and other places. I'm glad I had the chance to do it though, for sure. It's something to make and move past no matter how well it went.

I sent the camera back on monday. I wish I had the chance to use it more than I already did. It was quite an experience, and it makes me want to rent every time I shoot something important. 

I also did a quick photo shoot with Suzan Zhang a week or two ago, we got a few nice shots out of it, so that's good.