Experimenting with Medium Format video

I borrowed a Hassleblad 500ELX from USC and made a rig to experiment with the "camera recording camera" trick seen in other videos. I took it with me for a day in Charleston, SC. There are also a few shots in fields near Congaree National Park in Columbia, SC.

I bought some steel bars holes in them and rigged the two cameras together with a few screws, nuts and washers. The whole rig was heavy and cumbersome. It's also really difficult to know which way you're moving the camera when looking down through the screen of the T2i into the viewfinder of the Hass, which is reflected. By the end of the weekend, I still didn't have that completely figured out. Here's a picture of the rig:

Hopefully sometime in the future I'll be able to make something more narrative with this technique, we'll see...